Metal candle making molds are the old stand by of the candle
industry.  Available in many traditional shapes (and some not so
traditional shapes) and sizes, metal candle molds are easy to use
and produce the pillar candles we have all grown to know and love
over the years.

For this project, we used our
MOLD.  Also used for this project are:  WAX MELTING PITCHER,
ORANGE BLOSSOM LIQUID SCENT.  Also used is one wick bar, wick
and mold sealing putty.  These items are included with our metal
Begin by wicking your metal candle mold.  Turn the mold upside down and thread
the wick through the wick hole.  Feed enough wick through so you can grab the
wick from the other side and pull it through the mold.  Leave about two inches
coming out of the bottom of the mold.
There are many ways to seal a mold.  Some folks use mold sealing putty, others use
a wick screw, some use magnets.  We use a combination of the mold sealing putty
and a mold magnet and will focus on this method of sealing metal candle molds.

Take a small ball of mold sealing putty and press it over the wick hole where the wick
passes through the mold.  Leave the "tail" of the wick protruding as pictured.   Press
the putty down firmly until it is as flat as possible.
Once the mold sealing putty is flattened out, wrap the "tail" of the wick around the top
of the flat putty and press the wick into the putty.  These steps both seal the mold and
ensure that the wick stays secure during the remainder of the prep and pouring
Next, place your mold sealing magnet over the wick hole and putty.  Work all the way
around the magnet to ensure that it is firmly pressed into place and adhering to the
metal mold.  The magnet serves as a "secondary" seal and ensures that no wax leaks
during the pouring process.
Once your putty and magnet are firmly in place, turn the mold over and pull the wick
until it is taught.  If you feel the wick slipping - or if the wick pulls out of the wick hole -
repeat the prior steps.
Secure your taught wick using a wick bar.  Simply slide the wick bar onto the wick as
pictured.  The wick holding groove in the center of the bar should face up.  Pull the
wick into the wick groove and the wick will remain in place throughout the pouring and
cooling process.  Be careful to not pull the wick into the groove too hard as the metal
wick bar can actually cut through the wick.  You are now ready to pour!
Melt your wax using the double boiler maker method.  You can use a true
double boiler or use or double boiler maker to create a double boiler from any
large stock pot.  Always use a candle making thermometer to ensure that your
wax does not overheat.  Overheated wax can spontaneously burst into flame
and cause a devastating fire!!!  Metal candle molds can withstand high pouring
temperatures, but always be mindful of the melt point of your wax.
Once your wax is melted, add your scent and color (if desired) and stir
thoroughly.   You may need to place the wax back into the double boiler melter
to ensure that it does not cool too much during the melting and stirring of your
scent and color.  For this project, we used our pillar soy wax, maize diamond
dye chips (DDC29) and orange blossom liquid scent.
With your mold in a covered work area (we use a plastic backed canvas
drop cloth) that will not be hurt by spilled wax, fill your mold.  If needed, use
a candle making funnel to assist in the pouring process.  This item will not
be needed with most of our metal molds.
Fill your mold to the top with melted wax, ensuring that no wax spills over the mold.
Once the wax in your mold is fully set (usually 8 - 10 hours), check to see if a
depression has formed in the center of the mold.  If a depression has formed, you will
need to pour additional wax into the mold and allow the candle to cool.  Repeat this
process until no depression forms.
Once the candle is fully set, invert the mold and the candle will slide
easily out of the mold.
If desired, thread a wick tab onto the wick protruding from the bottom
for the finished candle.  The "nipple" end of the tab should face the
candle.  Slide the tab all the way onto the wick and press the tab into
the bottom of the candle.
Once the wick tab is firmly in place, clip the excess wick from the bottom of
the tab.
Trim the wick on top of the candle to the desired length and you have a
beautiful finished candle!