In candle making, the preferred (and safest) way to melt wax
is commonly called the "double boiler method."  Melting wax
using the double boiler method ensures that wax will not
overheat and reduces the risk of a wax fire.  Commercial wax
melters often use a water jacket or other indirect heat method
to melt wax in huge quantities.   In essence, these products
are just a large, purpose built double boiler!

To melt wax using the double boiler method, you will need:  
Wax pitcher(s); Double Boiler Maker; Candle Making
Thermometer and a large stock pot.  Invest in a pot you use
only for crafting to ensure melted wax and food never meet!
For our purposes, we will explain the double boiler method
using a double boiler maker.  You can also use a traditional
double boiler.  That said, a double boiler maker costs under
$6.00 where a large double boiler may cost upwards of $100.

Simply place your double boiler maker into the bottom of
your stock pot.  Many stock pots can be purchased very
inexpensively at local low cost or thrift stores.  We paid less
than $10 for the one we used in these instructions.
Fill your stock pot with water.  Add water until the
water level is about 2" above the double boiler
maker's top.
Add wax to your pitcher and place the pitcher into
the stock pot. The pitcher will rest right on top of
the double boiler maker.  If the pitcher contains
only a small amount of wax, it will have a tendency
to float.  You can weight it down by wrapping
flexible mold weight(s) around the handle if
Place your stock pot over heat and you are ready
to go!  Even if the water reaches a boil, the
double boiler approach ensures that your wax
melts slowly, uniformly and stays at a safe working
temperature.  Monitor the water level in the stock
pot over time and add water, as needed, to make
up for evaporation.  

Always use a candle making thermometer to
monitor the temperature of the wax as it melts.