If desired, lay a piece of wick in the bottom of the mold, leaving the
wick extending over one edge of the mold.   Having a wick will help
you light the firestarter later.
Wax firestarters are a great way to use scrap wax and make lighting
your wood burning fireplace or campfire super simple!  Wax
firestarters are NOT candles and should never be used as such.

To complete this project, you will need:  
Wax Pitcher; Candle Making
Thermometer; Double Boiler Maker; Candle Making Thermometer;
Buffalo Chip Mold.  We will be also using scrap wax from our UV
PILLAR project, a piece of scrap wick and one brown dye chip.  We
will also be using cedar chips in our firestarter.
Melt your wax using the double boiler maker method.  While your wax
melts, get your mold ready.   You can make a wax firestarter in pretty
much anything.  They work great in cupcake sleeves, soap molds and
more!  Use your imagination!

We will be using a "buffalo chip" mold for this project.  The mold is a
one piece plastic mold with a built in stand.  Simply turn the mold
upside down and you are ready to go!
Fill your mold with cedar chips.  Make sure your wick stays in place
with one end hanging over the side of the mold.  

Cedar chips will help your firestarter burn evenly and for a long time -
plus they make your firestarter attractive and professional looking.  
You can also fill your mold with shredded paper, bits of cardboard,
bits of wood, etc.
Once your wax is melted, add your dye chip (if desired).  We added one
brown dye chip to our melted green and yellow chunks.   The brown dye
overpowers the lighter green and yellow color and turns your wax a nice dark
brown.  Perfect for our buffalo chip firestarter!
Pour your wax directly over the  cedar chips.   The wood chips will absorb some of
the wax.  Fill slowly to allow wax to absorb into the wood and continue doing so until
the mold is fully filled.
When the mold is completely filled, some cedar chips
will stick out of the wax.   That is to be expected when
making firestarters.
Once your wax sets, your buffalo chips will drop right out of the mold.  As
you can see, your finished buffalo chip will look very much like the real
thing!  Your wick tail can be tucked under the mold for storage and pulled
around to the top (as pictured) when you are ready to use your firestarter.
Remember to only use your firestarter in a safe, burn proof
environment.  Simply place your firestarter at the bottom of your
firewood pile and light it!  Your firestarter will quickly grow into a small
fire that will get your real fire going!

Just to show you how these firestarters work, we burned ours in a terra
cotta pot.  We lit the wick and let nature do the rest!
After about five minutes, the wax began to melt and the cedar
chips in the firestarter began to burn.
After about 5 minutes, the firestarter was burning nicely.  Our
firestarter kept burning for about 20 minutes - plenty of time
to get a nice fire started!