Hand rolled candles are truly one of kind!  Each one is
different, each is unique.  Hand rolled candles take a little
practice to master and can be quite striking!

For this project, you will also need:  
Wax Pitcher; Wick; Candle
Making Thermometer; Scent and Color (if desired); Double
Boiler Maker and a sheet of aluminum foil, approximately 14" x
14" or larger.  For this project, we recommend you use
Dip and
Carve wax as it is more pliable than all purpose wax.  You may
also find it helpful to have a hair dryer or heat gun (we'll explain
why later!).
Melt your wax using the double boiler maker method.

While your wax melts, prepare a foil tray for the wax sheets that will
become your rolled candle.  You can make your sheets in a cookie
sheet or baking tray too (any tray used will only be good for candle
making afterwards, so don't use  a good one!).  For this project, we
will be using a homemade foil tray.

Fold up the sides of your foil sheet to a height of about 1/4".
Work all the way around your foil sheet, folding up
each side to a similar 1/4" depth.  Pinch in the
corners to ensure you get a good, tightly sealed
corner.  When you are done, you will have a shallow
foil tray.
Once your wax is fully melted, add your scent and color (if desired).  We
used our lime green diamond chips in this project.

It is important to add scent and color immediately before pouring to ensure
that both the scent and color are at their purest / strongest when your candle
is finished.
Pour your wax into the foil tray, filling the tray completely to a
depth of about 1/8".  Be careful to not fill the tray too much as,
once set, the thicker the wax, the less pliable it will be.
Let the wax set until just after it is no longer melted.  
The wax should be soft enough that you can push
on it and leave a dent, but no liquid wax should
squeeze out as you do so.  Getting this step right is  
an art form, so don't be surprised if it takes you a
few tries to get it!

A sharp knife or hobby knife may helpful at this
stage as you may want to cut your wax sheet into
smaller squares or make straight edges on the top
and bottom.
We cut our wax into an approximately 7" wide by 5" tall
square.   We used the knife to make straight edges along all
sides of the square that will become our candle.
Lay your wick across the end of the wax square where you will start
rolling.  This will become the center of the finished candle.  Leave several
inches of wick protruding from both sides.  This will allow you to roll your
candle and have the option of either side being the top, based on what
rolled end is more attractive to you.
Now...  Roll!  Roll!  Roll!  You will have to
work quickly as a thin sheet of wax can
harden up in no time!  We roll our candles up
right off the sheet, working our fingers back
and forth under the end we are rolling from to
ensure the wax releases all the way across
from top to bottom.

Earlier, we mentioned hair driers and heat
guns.  You can use these tools to keep your
wax warm and pliable if needed.
Your rolled candle will look like this  Ensure that the wick stayed nicely
centered during the pouring process.  You may need to shimmy the
wick around to ensure it is properly positioned.  You will want to decide
at this point what side you want to be the top of your candle.
Here is how our rolled candle looked prior to shaping it.  We are using the
end at the top of the picture as the top of our candle.
You can shaped your candle by rolling it back and forth in your
hand, if needed.  Doing so will help to remove any lumps and, with
practice, help you to produce a straight, freestanding pillar candle.

Trim the bottom wick and, if desired, add a tab.
Trim your top wick and your one of a kind hand rolled candle is ready to go!