Chunk candles are a classic head turner.  There are tons
of variations of chunk candles you can make.   For this
project, we will be making a UV reactive chunk candle that
will glow under black light!  These instructions can be used
to make any kind of basic chunk candle - just change the
type of dye used and off you go!

For this project, you will also need:  
Wax Pitchers; Wick;
Candle Making Thermometer; Scent and Color (if desired);
Boiler Maker ; Metal Candle Mold (we are using our
trusty 3" diameter by 4" tall round mold) ;
mold sealing
magnet ; wick bar (included with metal molds) and a few
small sheets of aluminum foil.  You may also want to have
stainless steel funnel and a sharp knife.
Melt your wax using the double boiler maker method.  For this project, you will need
at least two wax melting pitchers so you can melt your two colored waxes at the same

While your wax melts, wick your mold.   Begin by feeding wick through the mold's wick
hole, feeding through from the bottom of the mold.
Once you have about 2 to 3" of wick left on the bottom of the mold, wrap the
"tail" of the wick into a neat little spiral around the wick hole and hold in place
with one finger.
There are many ways to seal a mold.  You can use mold sealing putty, wick
screws, mold magnets, a combination of methods or some other way that we
probably don't even know about!

For this project, we will just be using a mold sealing magnet.  Apply the
magnet over the top of your spiral of wick.   Be sure the wick spiral stays in
place and work around the edges of the magnet, ensuring all sides are
pressed against the base of the mold and your seal is solid.
Once your magnet is in place, flip the mold over and pull the wick tight.  Don't pull too
much or you may pull the wick right out!  Once the wick is tight, clip it into place using
a wick holder bar.  The inverted 'V' cut into the wick bar will grab and keep your wick
tight throughout the pouring and setting process.  Ensure that your wick is centered.
Make up two small foil trays into which you will pour your
colored waxes to make chunks.  You can also use
molds or any other method you prefer to make your chunks.  
We like to use foil trays as they are cheap, convenient and
After your wax is melted and colored, pour it into the foil trays.  You can
pour the wax as deep as you like.  Remember this wax will be made into
chunks, so consider how you want your end results to look and be
mindful of how deep you pour it.  We poured our wax to  a depth of
about 1/2" so we could make small chunks.
For this project, we used all purpose wax.  We made one tray
using lime green UV dye and one tray using saturn yellow UV dye.
If you want your chunks to be even sizes, you may find it helpful
to score the wax when it is set but still warm.  To do so, use a
sharp knife to draw lines in the wax.  Be sure that the wax is
"soft set" all the way through (no more liquid wax) or you will
cause a messy leak as you cut (likely cutting through your foil).
By scoring your wax into cube shapes (or whatever shape you prefer),
you will have an easy time breaking the wax into chunks once it sets
fully.  You can see here how the scored wax wants to separate into nice
square chunks.

If you want your chunks to be random and unpredictable in size and
shape, you can let the wax set fully and simply break it apart with your
hands.  That's the beauty of making your own candles - you can do
whatever you want!
Once your wax fully sets, break it in chunks.
Now mix the chunks together!
Pour the chunks into your mold.  As much as is possible, try to avoid displacing
the wick as you fill the mold with chunks.  If the wick gets too out of center, you
may want to pour the chunks out of the mold and rewick, ensuring the wick is
pulled tight, then refill with your chunks.
Using a clean wax pitcher, melt some additional all purpose wax using the
double boiler method.  We will be pouring this wax without adding any color
or other additives.  This will help your chunks to show through!   If you used
colored wax for this step, you may be disappointed as you may not see your
chunks much at all.  

Once your wax is melted, pour it directly over the chunks until the mold is full.
You will notice slight melting in some of your chunks.  That is to be
expected.  As your wax sets, a well may form in the bottom of your candle.  
If needed, refill the well after the candle sets using additional uncolored wax.
After your candle fully sets, remove the mold magnet, turn over the mold and
your candle will slide right out.  Trim the top and bottom wicks and, if desired,
add a wick tab to the bottom wick.

You now have a beautiful green and yellow UV reactive chunk candle!
Under a black light, your UV candle will really glow!